DevOps/System Admin

Junior or Mid-Level Position
Linux, AWS, build automation tools, configuration management systems, scripting, system troubleshooting, incident analysis
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Work on a DevOps system you can affect. We are building dynamic systems for dynamic projects, so you won't be stuck with a dozen of static servers to maintain manually. Automation is a big priority, and you will have a say in how it is done. As you automate more routine tasks, you will work on more fresh and stimulating challenges, consider if and how to automate your solutions.

Position Requirements

  • Experience in Linux system administration
  • Strong understanding and hands-on experience with network architecture and design
  • Experience in AWS infrastructure design and administration
  • Experience automating a building and testing project
  • English at B1 level

Desired Qualifications

  • Proficiency in backup and monitoring
  • Experience in automation of provisioning, deployment and monitoring
  • Experience in virtualization, containerization and container orchestration


  • Implement Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment —GitLab is our current tool of choice, but we are not limited in our selection of tools and technologies
  • Learn our current tools and/or suggest better tools.
  • Drive automated builds and deployments. We are mostly using Java and JavaScript in our development projects and are always looking for better tools and practices to make that process smooth. We currently use Maven for automated builds and deployments.
  • Make Infrastructure as/is Code reality; we currently use tools like Ansible, Terraform, CLoudFormation, CDK to automate everyday tasks.
  • Provision and maintain a fleet of servers, both old-school bare metal and in the cloud; we are currently using AWS as our primary cloud provider, but soon we will need to operate on alternative solutions (Azure/Google Cloud/anything else) too
  • Write scripts. We currently use Python, Shell and Groovy.


  • You will do challenging tasks and constantly keep learning
  • We will pay for it, too: educational events, books and certifications are covered
  • Your work will be rewarded with above market level compensation
  • And a semi-annual bonus after one year of employment
  • Health Insurance Plan
  • MacBook Pro (+monitors) as main working tool
  • Flexible work time: start earlier or finish later, have a break in the middle, just do your work on time and communicate with the team
  • Option to work in the office, remotely or mixed: as long as work is done and you communicate with the team
  • Modern office in the VEF District (Riga)
  • Paid mobile plan for unlimited mobile internet, calls and SMS (Latvia)

Life as a DevOps/System Admin

Join a team that wants you to build DevOps automation solutions for dynamic projects. While you do that, though, there will be a fair share of manual work along with your colleagues, aimed at eventually figuring out the best automation to do the work for you.

Your day will consist of administering cloud infrastructure for development, lots of assembly and automation for CI/CD. You will work on a scheduled scope of tasks along with troubleshooting prioritized issues as they arise.

You will not completely escape the less exciting bits like enterprise-grade backups, authentication, authorization, audits, reports and reviews. However, you will not be boxed into doing one set of routine tasks all day: you will see and affect the bigger picture in your work and you will be able to work on what you find most meaningful to the team's goals.

We do not expect you to be an expert in every tool we use, but we do want you to be good in at least one area of DevOps and be open-minded about learning more. After a certain level of initial hard skills, we value teamwork, open-mindedness, clear communication and motivation to learn above individual technical excellence.

People often become developers to build their own world. Developers become System Administrators to build their own world that runs another world. A good DevOps team does not work like Might & Magic where each admin tries to conquer the most territory. We work together, support each other and make decisions based on what is the best not what we personally like more.
Dmitrijs Ralovecs
Co-founder, VP of Engineering, Backend

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