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There are two kinds of jobs. One, where you are a passenger in your ancestor's seat, reading a book while someone else drives you down a predetermined route. Two, where you are the driver and decide where and how fast you go, while looking at the gas level, tire pressure and road signs. Veloce is the second.

Position Requirements

  • At least 4+ years of Software Test experience
  • At least 2+ years of Automation Software Test experience;
  • Experience working with test frameworks and tools (Selenium Web driver, Playwright is preferred)
  • Passion for testing and curiosity
  • Analytical skills, including the ability to understand and reason about complex information
  • English upper intermediate level or higher


  • Develop, document and maintain clear test plans and test cases;
  • Automate tests for new and existing functionality;
  • Build and maintain test automation framework;
  • Improve automation infrastructure;


  • You will do challenging tasks and constantly keep learning
  • We will pay for it, too: educational events, books and certifications are covered
  • Your work will be rewarded with above market level compensation
  • And a semi-annual bonus after one year of employment
  • Health Insurance Plan
  • MacBook Pro (+monitors) as main working tool
  • Flexible work time: start earlier or finish later, have a break in the middle, just do your work on time and communicate with the team
  • Option to work in the office, remotely or mixed: as long as work is done and you communicate with the team
  • Modern office in the VEF District (Riga)
  • Paid mobile plan for unlimited mobile internet, calls and SMS (Latvia)

Life as a Test Engineer

Your day will start from checking and prioritizing incoming information about tests required for your projects. You will then catch up with your team in person or online in a daily SCRUM meeting. You will clarify what you will work on and whose input you will need for what.

Your workday will consist of scheduling tests by priority, working with Business Analyst on the best test logic and process for planned tests, executing planned tests, occasionally adjusting test schedule to include new high-priority tests, documenting and communicating your test results and improvement suggestions to developers.

You will generally not be in a chaotic frenzy of conflicting requests to click here, press there, write this script, document that bug. The work will be dynamic in that you will work and communicate with a team of different people in Europe and America who will ask questions and have different requests. However, it will be a matter of prioritizing and deprioritizing work daily in a clear, transparent manner that makes everyone's life easier, not a matter of putting out fires every other hour.

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